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The MicroIPO(TM) offering seminar has been held previously:

April 16, 2002 (with the Reniassance Entrepreneurship Center, a regsitered nonprofit, in San Francisco.

November 20, 2002 in Mt View

December 6, 2002, Mt View.

January 24, 2003, San Mateo.

Feb 26, 2003, San Mateo


April 25 , 2003: Seminar: Raising Capital up to $5m using microIPO(TM) offering

Friday morning, San Franciso; Friday afternoon Mountain View. see www.microIPO.com for details and booking

$95 on door, or $75 if booked in advance; additional $13 (=20%) discount for SDForum or SVASE membership (please bring card).

Find out how to raise up to $5m in capital for your early stage company. In these times when raising money is difficult, consider doing a microIPO (TM) offering to provide your capital. This is a technique used to great effect for high tech early stage companies in Europe and deserves a wider awareness of the even wider choices available here. This an educational seminar giving you information on both the 504 and SB2 methods (and their 4 variants) providing you with outlines of costs and timescales compared to conventional angel rounds and private placements.

The speakers are independent and will give you their unbiased opinions about the right way for you to get funded. Can you afford not to know about this important method of raising capital? And what better way to use your Friday afternoon? The event is organized and promoted by futurepreneur.org, a nonprofit organization for helping entrepreneurs. The 2 speakers are: Rupert Hart, an experienced VC and angel, is from microIPO.org, offering seminars on this capital-raising technique; Scott Schwartz, from SAS Financial Advisors, is a licensed broker who seeks to offer wealthy investors alternative investments such as microIPO offerings.

More info: www.microIPO.com or email: rupert@microipo.com or call Rupert on 650 814 7873